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It was already clear to me at a young age that I wanted
to pursue a creative and manual profession one day.  I put my wish into practice and began an apprenticeship as a hairdresser in Leibnitz.
After a short time, “men’s haircuts” aroused my entire
I decided to specialize in men’s haircuts and beard care. I constantly researched the Internet and followed various YouTube channels to get inspiration. In order to practice the various cutting techniques,
of course, family, friends and acquaintances had to
be available as models. I also attended several advanced training courses that
specialized in “men’s cuts and beard care”. Driven by all the impressions I had gathered, it was clear that I would be a BARBER. But where could you
learn this? I then found the HOLY TIGER BARBER ACADEMY on the Internet and registered for the next Barber Basics & traditional Beard Trim seminar. From the first moment I was enthusiastic about the
cutting techniques, the styling methods, the philosophy and the unique atmosphere. Of course, I also attended the masterclass seminar
shortly afterwards and now I´m really glad to be part of the Holy Tiger Team and making my dream of being a barber come true.

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