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It was, when my father showed me at the age of 14 how to shave with a knife, that I discovered my interest in shaving and haircuts. I started giving my friends haircuts in 8th grade, till I eventually ended up getting vocational training as a hairdresser. From the very start, I thought I knew being a hairdresser was my dream, until I quickly had to realise that dying hair and permanent waves just aren’t my thing. I started to think back to how shaving was such a different craft compared to what I learned as a hairdresser. I therefor used all of my spare time to practice shaving and other techniques at home. I wanted to perfect it, which was the reason why I decided to receive a traditional barber training. Soon I realised that becoming a barber was what I missed in my further job training. The styles I learned to cut were exactly what I was craving to be part of from the very beginning of my career. Being a barber is something I enjoy doing. I especially like the aspect of perfection that is expected for every single haircut and shave. It is something unique. What a barber embodies and everything around is what I find great passion in – the style, the laid back atmosphere in the room, the whiskey, the rum and the smoke of cigars. This is why I decided to turn my back on my profession as a hairdresser and become a barber. Certainly, becoming a barber didn’t just happen like that. I partook in a lot of seminars and further vocational education till I reached the point of becoming “a real barber“. I also went to the Netherlands to further my training and to perfect my craft. Holy Tiger Barbershop gives me the great opportunity to partake in constant advanced training and I also get offered constant advice from my work mates in order to provide the best service possible to our customers. Holy Tiger Barbershop is the perfect place where I can carry out my craft and live my passion: the traditional craft of shaving and cutting hair.
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